Monday, June 13, 2011

Date Sweetness Syrup

This is an uber-basic recipe for adding natural liquid sweetness into your lives. I think I may have been the only one to not know about it but just in case... here goes!

One part dates
one part water
a smidge of vanilla extract

soak those dates for a couple hours in the water. Add the vanilla. Blend the living daylights out of it. Keep in a jar in the fridge. Pour on everything! Pancakes. Oatmeal. Quinoa. Coffee. Whatev's! Keeps for a few weeks.

Dates are stuffed with vitamins and nutrients. Fiber galore. Tannins, iron, potassium, you name it. And they are wicked yummy. Mmmmm...

Stephen LOATHES dates. I had him dip his finger into this concoction and he had a grossed out face already but after tasting it went, "That's actually good! It's like dessert!". Yes it is...

I've been looking for a good liquidy sweetner after learning about how agave syrup is not very good for you. I was using Maple Syrup on most things but believe me... that adds up dolla bills wise so this is a cheaper, healthier alternative for me. Yay!

After you blend the dates, there will be a lot of froth. You can leave it to settle and shake it up into the liquid after a couple days or you can use it as a light, subtle frosting or a yummy froth for a warm beverage. Ok, you can also dip your finger into in and lick away.

Here's a site about the health benefits of dates:

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